New England’s drinking water is under threat from dangerous chemicals found in everyday household and industrial products. Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (commonly known as PFAS) are toxic chemicals that have been found in public water supplies, private wells, and groundwater in cities and towns across the region, including many communities in New Hampshire. They warrant serious action by regulators to protect the public’s health.

In the absence of federal protections, state leaders must step up to protect public health and safety. New Hampshire regulators have proposed drinking water standards for four PFAS chemicals, but they need to be stronger to truly protect our health and our environment.

You can help make New Hampshire's drinking water standards stronger by sending a letter to regulators calling on them to strengthen protections and protect our health.


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We need stronger drinking water standards

Dear Regulators,

In the absence of federal protections from PFAS chemicals, I am looking to the Department of Environmental Services, as the state agency charged with ensuring the safety of our water resources, to step up and protect my health and safety from these toxic substances.

Please step up and do your part to protect New Hampshire residents like me. We have a right to expect clean drinking water, and a right to expect our government to protect us from the harms of pollution. Thank you for taking up this important issue.

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