New England’s drinking water is under threat from dangerous chemicals found in everyday household and industrial products. Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (commonly known as PFAS) are toxic chemicals that have been found in public water supplies, private wells, and groundwater in cities and towns across the region.

These chemicals are dangerous – they have been linked to cancer, growth and behavioral problems in children, and reproductive issues. Yet federal regulators have failed again and again to take serious action to prevent this contamination.

PFAS have been widely used in products that many of us rely on every day – nonstick cookware, water-repellent clothing, stain-resistant fabrics and carpets, cosmetics, firefighting foams, and products that resist grease, water, and oil. And although they’ve been prevalent since the mid-20th century, the federal government hasn’t done anything to protect us from the dangers of these chemicals in our water.

You can help – tell the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate this entire class of chemicals now before they harm anyone else. We all have a right to clean drinking water free of toxic health hazards – and it’s EPA’s job to safeguard that right.


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