New Hampshire has a chance to boost its solar industry and lower energy costs for everyone in the state. A bipartisan bill vetoed by the Governor, HB 365, would make net metering, a policy that gives solar panel owners credit on their electricity bills for any extra energy they produce and send back to the grid, available for larger projects. This would allow school districts, local businesses, and towns across the state to install rooftop solar panels and take control of their energy costs.

With Governor Sununu as a glaring exception, the bill enjoys widespread bipartisan support. It would benefit schools and communities throughout New Hampshire while lowering our energy costs, promoting clear air, and keeping our kids safe from the devastating consequences of climate change.

All that’s left is for our legislators to step up. Tell your legislators to override the Governor’s veto and pass this important solar energy bill.


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Override Governor Sununu's Veto and Pass HB 365

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It is important that legislators who are supportive of clean energy attend the override sessions on September 18th and 19th. Please vote to override the veto of HB 365 and support New Hampshire towns, schools, and local businesses.

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