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We apologize, but the action alert you are attempting to access is no longer active.

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Add Your Name: Bring More Electric Vehicles to New England

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A little-known California regulation could change the fate of electric vehicles and their availability in New England.

Sign The Petition: ExxonMobil Should Tell The Truth

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For decades, ExxonMobil has lied about climate change impacts it knew was coming. It funded countless misinformation campaigns to keep the public in the dark. Sign the petition to tell Exxon that their lies and misinformation won't cut it anymore.

Tell Rex Tillerson: Don't Pull Out Of The Paris Agreement

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During our new Secretary of State's confirmation hearing, Rex Tillerson refused to rule out an American withdrawal from the landmark Paris Climate Agreement, which would be nothing short of catastrophic for our planet. Let's make our voices heard.

Add Your Name: Vermonters Shouldn't Have to Foot The Bill For Irresponsible Pipelines

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Tell the Vermont Public Service Board to revoke the permit for this and reevaluate it as a new project and make the pipeline's corporate owners pay for their mistakes and mismanagement.

Tell NH Legislators: Protect Our Kids From Lead Poisoning

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Protect New Hampshire children from the dangers of lead poisoning by working to ensure passage of SB 247, which helps prevent lead crises before they ever happen.

Stop the Invenergy Dirty Energy Plant

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Stop the new natural gas plant being proposed for Rhode Island.

Support a Marine National Monument in the Gulf of Maine

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Tell your Senators; The rapidly warming Gulf of Maine needs a fully protected marine area, and that area should be Cashes Ledge.

Help Protect Cashes Ledge. Take Action Today!

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Cashes Ledge is one of New England's most remarkable undersea treasures: a 25-mile long underwater mountain range 80 miles off the coasts of Maine and Massachusetts.





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