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Evangelism Soccer Ball

Evangelism Soccer Ball
Multicolored evangelism soccer ball used to share the gospel through one of the world's most popular sports. Dark represents sin; red, the blood of Christ; white, the cleansing power of Christ's blood; gold, God in heaven; and green, growth as new believers.

“I feel God has changed my heart. I want to change all the bad things I have done in my life and seek God all my days.” - Fredy, age 14, Honduras

Like Fredy, numerous boys and girls need to hear the love of Christ. One such way the JESUS Film teams share the gospel with children is through the Evangelism Soccer ball. Often used before a showing to attract children, the soccer ball tells the story of Jesus and salvation to youth using the Wordless Book colors. The teams gather the children and describe the colors of the ball.

Your gift of an Evangelism ball will allow other youth like Fredy to hear the gospel and respond to Christ’s salvation.

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