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Solar-Powered Backpack

Solar-Powered Backpack
Solar Powered Backpack set - Everything needed to show the Jesus Film

Brother Harmon believes the new backpack is priceless. Until the backpack was created, it took four-to-six men to carry enough equipment to show the film to a crowd of any size. Now, one or two can do the same thing! “It has the best results in the most remote, most rugged, and most primitive of our areas.”

 Another Team reports: We decided to take the gospel to a village where there is no electricity or even proper roads. It is in instances like this where our backpack is very useful! We were able to show the JESUS Film and observe the villagers watching. We met Rupa, a small girl who, although physically present, was mentally absent. Her mother told us she had been like this for three years. She asked us to pray, promising to follow Christ if only He would answer her prayer. We have been praying for her since, and hope to follow-up with her soon.

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