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Team Sponsorship Level

Team Sponsorship Level
A team of nationals who work to share God's love in their own country and language. Each team strives to set up at least 10 new preaching points per year for ongoing spiritual growth.

Teams are comprised of local men and woman who reach out to their surrounding community with the good news of Christ. These teams are dedicated to sharing their faith, helping new believers grow through discipleship, and connecting them with church communities.

 “Recently, we went to a village to show the JESUS Film. Because they follow another religion, the villagers were very opposed to us. We found they were plotting to disrupt the showing and steal some of the equipment. Despite this, we prayed for God’s protection, and began to set up the equipment. As the film began, many people were watching, and amazingly, one of those who had opposed us accepted Christ! Praise God, we have planted a new church here.” – Malawi Team

 Your gift will support or help launch a new team to:

  • Invest in the lives of thousands of potential new believers by ensuring they have the opportunity to hear about Christ
  • Plant ten or more new churches per year
  • Disciple new believers
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