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Large Video Projector Set

Large Video Projector Set
Powerful equipment and larger screen for showings of the JESUS Film to groups over one thousand.

Thousands of people came to watch the JESUS Film show at the school and many made a decision to follow Christ. Ibvuta was one of the people who came to Christ. He was one of the most popular Nyau dancers in the area. (Nyau dancers wear masks and are believed to be possessed by the spirit of the dead.) After watching the film, Ibvuta testified he killed his own blood sister as part of his Nyau dancing. This killing increased his popularity among the people who view Nyau as their religion. The Holy Spirit used the film to touch the heart of Ibvuta, convicting him of the sin in his life. Ibvuta felt very bad about himself. He asked us how he could be forgiven for the wrongs he committed and how to be saved. We prayed the prayer of salvation with him! The next day, other Nyau dancers threatened to curse him for abandoning their group. Ibvuta requested prayer for protection from the magical charms of his former colleagues. He also requested you pray for the many Nyau dancers that they may stop this killing ritual, so they may come to the Lord and be saved .
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