Make a Call to support the Clean Conscience Pledge!


Your legislators need to get serious about corruption in Albany. It’s time they put promises for reform in writing.

The Clean Conscience Pledge is to support, vote for, and work zealously to sign into law legislation that:

  • Limits outside income for legislators so they can focus on constituent needs,
  • Limits the ability of special interests to contribute unlimited amounts of money, by closing the LLC loophole,
  • Discloses all discretionary spending to create transparency and expose conflicts of interest.


The good news is that many State Senators have signed the pledge already! We need more Assembly members to sign the pledge.

Call and tell your Assembly member to sign the pledge today!

To find your elected officials, please enter your ZIP Code+4 -- you can find it here if you don't know it:!input.action

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My name is (Your Name) and I am a constituent, calling on behalf of Common Cause New York.

I want Assembly Member (NAME) to pass real ethics reform this year. Assembly Member (NAME) needs to sign the Clean Conscience Pledge, and promise constituents (he/she) is serious about reform.

Contact Common Cause New York at 212-691-6421 to sign on to the pledge. Thank you!

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