Make a Call for a special session to end the LLC loophole!


New Yorkers want and deserve to know that their elected officials put the interests of their constituents first and foremost. Strong ethics and campaign finance rules and enforcement help achieve that goal.

That’s why the fact that the Governor and the State Legislature failed to address the corruption crisis in our state is so disappointing. Yet again, the Legislature and the Governor missed the mark.

But they can still do something about it!

Tell Governor Cuomo:
“I am disappointed that the legislative session in Albany ended this year once again failing to close the LLC loophole. This loophole that grants special access to moneyed interests or special interest groups over the public.

You have the power to call a special session to eliminate the loophole, and once and for all, change the system so that our legislature and our government will be by, and for the people.”

Call 1-518-474-8390 to speak with the Governor today!

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My name is (Your Name) and I am a constituent, calling on behalf of Common Cause New York.

I want Assembly Member (NAME) to pass real ethics reform this year. Assembly Member (NAME) needs to sign the Clean Conscience Pledge, and promise constituents (he/she) is serious about reform.

Contact Common Cause New York at 212-691-6421 to sign on to the pledge. Thank you!

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