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Hi my name is ______ and I am a constituent. May I speak with someone regarding the Democracy for All amendment, HJR 119?


I understand there is a vote scheduled in the Senate on the Democracy for All amendment SJR 19. Both Colorado senators (Udall and Bennet) have already co-sponsored. But the US House version of the Democracy for All amendment HJR 119 has only been sponsored by one Colorado representative, Rep. Perlmutter. Will Rep. _____ co-sponsor as well?

I believe my voice no longer matters as much as that of people with a lot of money to spend on elections. Wealthy donors have more influence than I do in the political process. Although this country was founded on the principle of political equality, we have strayed to a system where my voice does not matter as much as that of someone who has a lot of money.

The Democracy for All amendment (HJR 119) will move us toward a system where my freedom to speak is not muted by those with more power and influence.

Please ask Rep. _____ to co-sponsor the Democracy for All amendment (HJR 119). 74% of us Colorado voters passed a state ballot measure calling for just such an amendment. Every county in the state passed Amendment 65.

Can I count on co-sponsorship?

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