Call your state senator and ask he/she or an aide if the senator supports consumers on telecommunications. Tell them that you want the OCC's authority to advocate for us about telecom isssues maintained. 911, broadband and telephone rates in rural areas are all issues that could be made worse if the OCC is not representing us in those matters.

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May I speak with the Senator?

  • Is the senator familiar with the Office of Consumer Counsel?
  • The OCC has saved us consumers $1.7 billion over the last 30 years. It advocates for us on electricity, gas and telecommunications issues in front of the Public Utilities Commission.
  • I understand some lawmakers are thinking about weakening the office on issues related to telecommunications. I think that oversight over 911 emergency service, the future of broadband in Colorado and telephone rates in rural areas are pretty important. It doesn't make sense to muzzle our consumer watchdog for this issues?
  • Will the senator support consumers by supporting the OCC's full reauthorization, including their authority to advocate for us on telecom?

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