Call the IRS: close the secret money loophole!

If we don’t make our voices heard, the IRS might give official blessing to the billionaires and special interests who secretly spend millions to influence our elections. But with your help, we can make sure these wealthy donors can’t hide their influence in our elections. 

Please call the IRS at 202-317-7070 and tell them to close the secret money loophole. If you're not sure what to say, use this sample script:

Please tell the Commissioner that as a concerned citizen, I urge him to continue with the rulemaking to clarify what counts as political activity for social welfare organizations, and specifically, to make clear that these groups should spend no more than an insubstantial and small amount of their resources on political activities. The rest should be disclosed.


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REG-134417-13 Proposed Guidance for Tax-Exempt Social Welfare Organizations on Candidate-Related Political Activities

Dear [Decision Maker],

I'm deeply concerned that the IRS may allow "social welfare" 501(c)4 groups to spend up to 49% of their budgets on political campaign activities and electioneering. This would allow millions of dollars from anonymous sources into our elections.

To comply with the Internal Revenue Code, I urge the IRS to use the ongoing rulemaking process to require that these groups spend no more than an insubstantial amount of their resources on political campaign activities.

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