Ohio voters sent a loud message on Election Day! More than 71% of Ohio voters supported a new bipartisan system to draw state legislative district lines. Issue 1 tackled gerrymandering at the Statehouse and won in ALL 88 counties.

But right after the election, Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger put plans to extend the legislative map-making reforms to Congress on the back burner.  The Speaker made his opposition very clear – he suggested we wait and see how the state reforms play out. Since map-making only happens every ten years, we would have to wait 17 years for fair Congressional district lines.

Competitive elections aren’t something to fear; they are the foundation of democracy. It’s time to end all hyper-partisan map-making.  When it comes to redistricting, what’s good for the Ohio Statehouse is good for Congress.  

Urge Speaker Rosenberger to fix gerrymandering of congressional districts and not stand in the way of more robust, fair elections. 

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