Demand the whole truth about the Flint water crisis

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is hiding information, refusing to release correspondence and documents around the decision to use contaminated water in Flint.

Elected officials have a duty to protect the public, not harm us. In Flint, they failed miserably. Every American, especially the children who were poisoned, deserves the truth of exactly how this happened.

And because Michigan is one of just two states with a blanket exemption for the governor’s office to the Freedom of Information Act, we’ll only learn what really happened in Flint if we stand together and demand it.

We need your help to fight back. Stand up against this breathtaking abuse of executive privilege and call on Gov. Snyder to come clean about the Flint water crisis.


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PETITION: Immediately drop executive privilege and release all relevant information -- including water tests and correspondence between the emergency city manager and your office -- about the water crisis in Flint.

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