Support Early Voting and Automatic Registration!

We are made stronger as a country through inviting as many eligible voices as possible to vote and be heard on the tough decisions we face.

That is why we are thrilled to see that two of our election reform proposals outlined in Governor Cuomo’s state of the state agenda.

 We are closer now than ever before to bringing early voting and automatic voter registration to New York!

Sign our letter urging Governor Cuomo to fully stand behind these important proposals!


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Thank you for your election reform proposals

Dear [Decision Maker],

We appreciate the steps you have taken to bring common-sense voting reforms to New York. Your Early Voting and Automatic Voter Registration proposals will improve our elections, and create additional momentum for transformative election modernization policies.

We want to thank you for your leadership on election modernization, and encourage you to continue standing up for these important reforms. As you said in your State of the State speech, the strength of our democracy in this new century will not come from more rigid partisanship or exclusion, but from inclusion. Inviting as many eligible American voices as possible to vote on the tough decisions we face is a necessary step towards inclusion.

Please continue advocating for these reforms until they are signed into law this year!


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