Help put Berkeley Fair Elections on the Ballot!

Berkeley FE.jpgCampaign spending is out of control. In Berkeley, 7 of the last 8 City Council races went to the candidate who raised the most money, as did the last mayor’s race. We need a system where candidates can successfully run for office even if they don’t have connections to wealth.

Berkeley Fair Elections, a small donor matching funds program, is a tangible solution that would drive candidates to spend more time talking with voters and less time dialing for dollars!

A key Berkeley Council vote is happening this Tuesday, February 23, and we need to keep the pressure on! Please take 2 minutes to email Berkeley City Council so they hear us loud and clear: "Vote YES at your Feb 23 meeting to put the Fair Elections Act on the 2016 ballot!"


  • Mayor Bates and Members of the City Council


Vote YES on Item 20 for Fair Elections

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