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99% of pay-TV subscribers are chained to their set-top boxes because Big Cable operators have locked up the market, reaping excess profits from boxes paid-for many times over. The cost of set-top boxes has risen 185 percent, making American households pay an average of $231 annually.

It’s not just excess profits that are the issue. Locking consumers to boxes limits choices and reduces opportunity for innovation that will improve service and flexibility. Opening up the market for set top boxes will allow innovators to deliver new apps, and diverse content creators to get their programming to new audiences - undercutting Big Cable gatekeeping, to the benefit of consumers everywhere.

The FCC is poised to create a competitive market for set top boxes, meaning innovative new apps that will connect users to diverse and independent voices that aren’t on the mainstream cable dial. Big Cable is fighting this reform with all they’ve got - they’re walking the halls of Congress and dishing out big campaign contributions. They may have cash, but we have influence that money can’t buy: the power of the people.

Tell your senators- don't let Big Cable stop the FCC from doing the right thing!


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