De Blasio: No Secret Money!

In 2013 de Blasio promised an open and transparent administration, ending the tale of two New York’s.

Through the non-profit “Campaign for One NY”, Mayor de Blasio has empowered and given special access to special interests and wealthy developers.

Send Mayor de Blasio a message to put an end to this secret money group.


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It's time to close the Campaign for One NY

Dear Mayor de Blasio,

I am upset by the way you are continuing to take special interest money for the "Campaign for One NY." I am particularly troubled to see individuals and organizations who do business with the city writing large checks to your outside organization. This gives them a powerful tool at their disposal for financially exerting their influence that they wouldn't have otherwise. Our campaign finance laws have long been established to limit the power of special interests and individuals who are doing business with the city.

Whether policies such as universal pre-k are noble goals is beside the point. Rather than use the city's substantial communications capabilities, your insistence on running a privately funded shadow organization for PR purposes undermines the very progressive policies you claim to stand for.

Set an example for mayors to come. End the Campaign for One NY, and show that special interest money truly does not belong in New York politics.


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