Join the Election Protection Team!

Ohio is a swing state and the presidential election energizes voters. Invariably, there will be problems at the polls on Election Day.  Our best method for quickly identifying and solving those problems is having poll monitors stationed outside polling places to be our eyes and ears on the ground. We are recruiting poll monitors to assist voters at targeted polling locations for the November Election.

Join the Election Protection Team!

  • Commit to taking at least one Election Day (November 4) shift (morning, afternoon, or evening) to stand outside of assigned polling location(s)
  • While at assigned polling location(s) monitors will be expected to:
    • Distribute “Know Your Rights” cards to voters,
    • Answer basic questions from voters such as ID requirements,
    • Assist voters in finding their correct precinct, and
    • Report back to regional command center any problems that need to be resolved such as a polling location not opening on time or pattern of poll worker error



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