Stop This Big Cable Power Grab

We need to speak out now to protect net neutrality. If H.R. 2666 passes, the FCC would have no way to punish corporations when they treat us unfairly, jack up prices, or hit us with unscrupulous surcharges.

That’s an awful deal for us, but it’s a dream come true for Comcast and Verizon’s bottom line.

That’s why they’re calling in every favor they can to pass this bill. They’re hoping their lobbyists can overrule the 4 million Americans who called on the FCC to protect net neutrality.

But if we speak out now as loudly as we did back then, we can stop Big Cable in their tracks - and save net neutrality. They’re trying to ram their wishlist through Congress before anyone notices -- so your representatives need to know you’re watching closely. Send them a message today


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