Tell your legislator to support redistricting reform and override Gov. Ricketts' veto!

Last week, the Nebraska State Legislature passed independent redistricting reform, but Governor Ricketts vetoed the bill. Today the legislature may vote to override the veto -- we need your action to make sure enough Senators vote to override the veto!

The question is whether voters should choose their elected officials or if elected officials should choose their voters. LB580 would answer that question by giving the power back to Nebraska’s voters.

This bill has bipartisan support and is the right thing to do for Nebraska. It will:

  • Increase trust in the process by taking legislators out of the picture.

  • Moves us closer to the goal of nonpartisanship by making party affiliations irrelevant to the drawing of maps.

  • Protects all Nebraskans by forbidding gerrymandering for any reason, including to diminish the voting power of minority communities.

  • Make this call today and bring us one step closer to independent redistricting in Nebraska!

Tell your representative to vote to override the veto today!


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