Tell candidates: Take the #NoDelegateBribes pledge

Bribing voters is illegal. Bribing delegates isn’t -- but should be. Tell the presidential candidates to take the #NoDelegateBribes pledge: to refrain from offering delegates anything of value in an attempt to swing their votes, and urge independent groups that support them to do the same

As competition for delegates grows fierce in both parties' primaries, the presidential campaigns may resorting to "delegate buying." Campaigns can lavish delegates with gifts and free travel, in hopes of influencing their votes at the convention.

That's not how our democracy should work. Delegates shouldn’t be tempted to support the candidate who gave them the most gifts.

Join Common Cause in asking all presidential candidates to sign the #NoDelegateBribes pledge.


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To All Presidential Candidates: Elections should be decided on experience and ideas -- not backroom bribes. Please publicly pledge not to provide cash, gifts, travel beyond reasonable reimbursement costs for attendance at the convention, food, and/or other tangible or intangible gifts to delegates.

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