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Open government is essential to a functioning democracy. We have the right-to-know and we need to know so that we can get involved not just on Election Day but all year round. 

Senate Bill 231 creates an expedited mediation process. Anyone denied a public record or facing an unreasonable delay would be able to file a complaint and pay a fee of $25 at the local county clerk of courts office.  The complaint would be sent to the Ohio Court of Claims.  The government agency or public official would have a week to respond. If the the two sides couldn’t agree through mediation, a public records expert would submit a recommendation to the Ohio Court of Claims judges.  The judge assigned would issue a binding ruling with the goal of most cases being settled within 45 days.

Let Senate President Keith Faber know that you support a more expedited process for resolving public records requests. Timely information is important to the press and public alike.


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I support open and transparent government and a more expedited process of getting public records. Public records help us all better understand policy decisions and how our tax dollars are being spent. Getting records quickly is especially important to journalists. Thank you for introducing Senate Bill 231. I will be watching to see how this bill progresses.

Together we can create greater transparency! If you have any questions, please give me a phone call at 614-441-9145.

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