Demand a democracy that works for everyone!

The 2016 election is our best chance yet to stop big money from drowning us out.

We have a bold plan for reform -- the Fighting Big Money Agenda. We're demanding that everyone running for Congress get on board with these five principles:

1) Everyone knows who is trying to influence our democracy -- all spending is disclosed;

2) Everyone’s voice is heard, and every American has equal access to the ballot box;

3) Everyone participates; citizen-funded elections allows people without access to big money to run successfully, and it encourages even those candidates with big money to pay more attention to their constituents, not just big donors;

4) Everyone plays by fair, common-sense rules; pass the Democracy for All amendment to overturn Citizens United; and,

5) Everyone is held accountable, with enforceable penalties to deter bad behavior.

But we'll need motivated activists in EVERY congressional district to make that happen. If you're willing to help us get candidates for elected office on the record for real democracy reforms, add your name today.

Then, we'll email you with tools and resources that'll give you everything you need to start hold candidates accountable.


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