Tell Donald Trump: Stop hiding your tax returns!

Donald Trump is refusing to release his tax returns, and he seems to think the American people don't care what's in them. It's up to us to prove him wrong.

We deserve to know the incoming president's background, experience, and business interests -- and if there are any potential conflicts of interest hiding in Donald Trump's tax returns, we have a right to know.

We’re calling on Donald Trump to release his tax returns dating back at least five years for public scrutiny. He will conduct the people’s business from the highest office in the land -- so we deserve to see how he’s conducted his private business too.

Call on President Donald Trump to come clean and release his returns today.


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PETITION TO DONALD TRUMP: Everyone has a right to know, and anyone occupying the White House ought to be fully transparent with the American people. Follow decades of bipartisan precedent and release your tax returns.

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