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Call Rep. Tim Brown at (614) 466-8104, the chair of the Ohio House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee, and tell him to oppose SB 296.

Call Script: My name is _________, and I am an Ohio voter that wants to protect voters’ access to courts.  I respectfully ask you to oppose SB 296.  Thank you for your consideration. SB 296 unfairly puts the burden on voters for problems at the polls that they did not cause.

SB 296 establishes a bond for extending polling hours and allows judges to cherry pick which petitioners or voters must pay an excessive cash bond. The bond is likely to be so expensive that ordinary citizens couldn’t afford it and it will deter people from going to court or addressing problems at the polls on Election Day. We should not make changes to voting rules less than six months before a Presidential election.

If you feel legislation is necessary to establish a procedure for courts to extend voting hours, consider amending the bill to remove the cash bond and include:
1. A special Election Day panel designated to hear issues that arise on Election Day,
2. A notice requirement, so that the Secretary of State and Boards of
Elections are immediately notified when an election case is filed,
3. An expedited hearing process. 

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