Open Internet and affordable broadband under attack!

Recently we’ve scored some tremendous people-powered victories at the FCC to protect net neutrality and keep broadband affordable for consumers. But our opponents in Congress are stooping to new lows for their Big Cable and Big Telecom paymasters.


They are trying to lard up must-pass appropriations language with riders that would strip the FCC of its ability to protect the Open Internet - even though a court validated its net neutrality rules just last week! They want to lock consumers into renting their set top boxes, a $19 billion a year bailout to Big Cable. And finally they want to make it easier for broadcasters to monopolize the local media.


Your pressure is working - we just succeeded in protecting a broadband program for low-income households. But we can’t stop until we convince these legislators to listen to the people, not the corporate lobbyists. 


Tell Congress, no poison pill riders.


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