Protect our democracy from Donald Trump's fearmongering

Donald Trump's attacks on the integrity of our elections just reached a new, unhinged level -- he recently claimed that "voter fraud is all too common" (despite a complete lack of evidence) and accused his opponents of attempting to "rig the election at the polling booths."

This is completely false and entirely reprehensible -- Mr. Trump has zero evidence to back up his claims, but by repeating them over and over, he's attempting to convince Americans that their votes won't count, undermining trust in our democracy, and emboldening those seeking to intimidate eligible voters at the polls.

We must call on every candidate for Congress and elected official (especially those responsible for administering our elections) to forcefully reject these irresponsible conspiracy theories, and instead endorse nonpartisan, common-sense proposals to ensure everyone's vote will count.

Many key Republicans, like Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, are already heeding our call and rejecting Trump's conspiracy theories. Every elected official must join them in publicly repudiating Trump's dangerous rhetoric.

Those running our elections should support common sense safeguards like automatic voter registration (a proven success in Oregon and elsewhere) that strengthen the security of the voting system and make sure everyone's vote counts.


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SIGN THE PETITION: Donald Trump's escalating rhetoric about voter fraud or tampering at polling places -- without a shred of evidence -- is dangerous to our democracy. We urge you to forcefully reject these irresponsible conspiracy theories or attempts to suppress the vote, and instead endorse common sense, nonpartisan solutions to ensure everyone’s vote counts.

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Protect our democracy from Donald Trump's fearmongering

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Protect our democracy from Donald Trump's fearmongering

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