Investigate Donald Trump's conflicts of interest

As House Oversight Chairman, Chaffetz has a duty to hold elected officials to the highest possible ethical standards. Instead, he’s using his power to bully those who seek to hold Donald Trump accountable.

We deserve elected officials who operate only in the public interest -- not their own. Donald Trump’s plan to maintain ownership of his businesses, but turn control over to his sons, will do nothing to solve his conflicts of interest that could allow him to use the Presidency for personal financial gain.

That’s why Office of Government Ethics director Walter Shaub Jr. called Trump’s plan out as “wholly inadequate” this week -- and why Democratic and Republican ethics experts agree.

Rep. Chaffetz leads the committee responsible for investigating ethical problems by the President, and should be as concerned as Shaub is. Instead, he’s attacking Shaub, threatening to subpoena him and making ominous reminders that lawmakers have the power to shut his office down.

Tell Jason Chaffetz: stop threatening ethics watchdogs, and use the House Oversight Committee to investigate Donald Trump’s financial holdings, root out any potential conflicts of interest, and hold him accountable.


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PETITION: As long as Donald Trump refuses to address his conflicts of interest, Congress must hold him accountable. Rep. Chaffetz must do his job and conduct a full investigation into Donald Trump's conflicts of interest.

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