Call your senators to stop Trump's conflicts of interest

President-elect Trump’s business empire exposes him -- and us -- to massive, unprecedented conflicts of interest. The good news is that the Senate has a new bill from Sen. Elizabeth Warren that would require Trump to disclosure and divest from his businesses.

Congress must pass this bill and force Donald Trump to disclose and divest all potential conflicts of interest. Please call your senators at 1-866-985-2543 to ask them to co-sponsor Sen. Warren’s bill.

Talking points:

  • We deserve elected officials who act for our national interest, not their own personal gain.

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren has introduced a bill (S. 65) requiring Presidents and Vice Presidents to divest any assets that create conflicts of interest or would violate the Constitution’s prohibition on elected officials taking money from foreign governments.

  • Please support this important bill by adding your name as a co-sponsor.


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Call your lawmakers to stop Trump's conflicts of interest

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Call your lawmakers to stop Trump's conflicts of interest

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