Defend South Dakota's Anti-Corruption Act from power grabbing politicians

Thanks to citizen outcry, the South Dakota legislature has delayed its plan to repeal the ethics & anti-corruption reforms voters passed last November. We must speak out before Wednesday's final vote to stop the legislature’s power grab for good.

The Koch Brothers tried to stop the South Dakota Government Accountability & Anti-Corruption Act, which puts the people back in charge of elections and bans lawmakers from receiving unlimited gifts from lobbyists -- but the Koch Brothers lost, and the people won.

Now that bill -- and the will of the people -- is under attack by the state legislature, which has declared a fake "state of emergency" so they can attempt to gut the Anti-Corruption Act. Meanwhile, the Koch Brothers’ dark money astroturf group, Americans for Prosperity South Dakota, is cheering them on.

South Dakotans said with their votes that they want to put a check on lobbyists, promote higher ethical standards, increase overall accountability of public officials, and ensure the voices of everyday people remain the focus of our democracy. The Koch brothers want to roll back these ethics reforms -- but lawmakers need to remember they work for voters -- not wealthy donors.

After hundreds of Americans called state Senate Majority Leader Blake Curd, he cracked under the pressure and pushed back the vote a week. Now, we must keep the pressure on so they abandon their plan to repeal the Anti-Corruption Act once and for all.

Please sign the petition to stop the South Dakota legislature’s power grab -- then call State Senate Majority Leader Blake Curd at 605-773-3821 and tell him to stand down.


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PETITION: Voters have spoken, and said that elected officials should serve the public interest. Legislators should abide by the Anti-Corruption Act -- not override the will of voters by repealing it.

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