SESSIONS WATCH: Help hold Trump's Attorney General accountable

Attorney General Sessions has spent his career fighting the laws that strengthen our democracy -- now he's deciding whether or not to enforce the civil rights and voting rights protections he vehemently opposes. His confirmation as Attorney General is a direct threat to our democracy.

We can't let our guard down for one moment.  And frankly, because Common Cause is organized both in the States and in Washington, D.C. there's no citizens group better equipped to hold Sessions’ feet to the civil liberties and voting rights fire.

We need to sign up 35,000 citizen activists as members of the SESSIONS WATCH TEAM in the next 72 hours.  Nothing will send a more powerful message of concern and commitment to the protection of civil and voting rights than this mass mobilization of caring citizens.

As a member of the SESSIONS WATCH TEAM you'll receive immediate notice of the latest threats posed by the new Attorney General and updates and bulletins on actions you can take. Please sign up today.


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