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Donald Trump rails against “fake news,” but his new budget plan would completely eliminate the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

That would cut off funding for hundreds of public TV and radio stations that are among the most reliable, trusted sources of real news for millions of Americans.

A few of those stations, in affluent communities like New York, Washington, DC, and San Francisco, can likely survive off of private donations. But in the nation's heartland, this budget will force stations to eliminate vital local news, entertainment and cultural programming.

This is just one example of how Trump’s proposed budget enriches the wealthy and powerful at all of our expense. We must speak out loudly in defense of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, or risk losing the vital public interest journalism it provides.

We must increase, not cut, taxpayer support for public broadcasting. Call on Congress to fully fund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


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PETITION: Our democracy relies on the fair and informational journalism funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports hundreds of local public TV and radio stations across the nation. But Donald Trump’s new budget would completely defund this vital agency. We must stand against this attack on public broadcasting.

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