MAKE A CALL: Don't let your cable company spy on you!

STEP 1: Find your representative

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Big Cable’s lobbyists in Congress want to roll back key broadband privacy protections. Contact your representative today and tell them to stand up for our privacy online! 

Talking points

  • Please protect the FCC’s broadband privacy rules by voting AGAINST S.J. Res. 34, which would revoke them.

  • Our democracy depends on activists using the internet to connect with each other, which they might not do if they're worried their ISP is providing on them.

  • I don’t want Comcast or Verizon spying on me, or selling my information to advertisers.

  • As my representative, I expect you to side with me over Big Cable’s bottom line, and vote to protect my privacy online.


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We must investigate Russian involvement in our elections

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