Stop The Trump Hotel Conflict of Interest

Americans deserve elected officials that work only in our interest -- not their own private financial interests.

That’s why when Donald Trump became president, citizens and advocates demanded that he sell his business, to avoid massive potential conflicts of interest. But instead of doing that, Trump retained full ownership of his company and let two of his sons run it, which kept the possibility using his office to make himself richer well intact.

Just one example of the massive potential conflicts -- his company leases the Old Post Office building from the General Services Administration, which is part of the executive branch. So whenever changes need to be made to that lease, Trump will effectively be negotiating with himself -- and taxpayers will be left to foot the bill.

We’re supposed to be protected against these kind of conflicts -- that’s why the GSA’s lease prohibits elected officials -- including the President -- from taking part. The lease states that no “elected official of the Government of the United States…shall be admitted to any share or part of this Lease, or to any benefit that may arise therefrom.”

But in a legally dubious move, the GSA has determined that Trump isn’t violating the lease, because Trump owns the lease through the “Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust” and has stated that he won’t take any profit payments from the trust during his term of office. He’ll wait until after he’s out of office to get paid.

That doesn’t make sense -- Trump is clearly still in a position to benefit from the hotel, and there’s still a massive conflict between his interests as a business owner, and ours as taxpayers. The GSA’s decision -- which contradicts earlier statements it had made -- raises alarming questions about the possibility of undue influence in making that determination.

The GSA must immediately review its decision and hold Donald Trump accountable for his conflict of interest. Please add your name today.


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PETITION: Right now, Donald Trump is leasing the building for his Trump Hotel in D.C. from the federal government, making him both landlord and tenant and giving Trump the opportunity to enrich himself at taxpayers expense. The General Services Administration (GSA) must immediately revisit its decision to uphold his lease, and resolve this glaring conflict of interest.

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