Make Congress go on the record about Trump's tax returns

The American people deserve answers about President Trump’s business dealings and assets. If we let him keep hiding his tax returns, it’ll leave unanswered critical questions about his potential conflicts of interest and ties -- or whether he paid taxes at all.

Congress has the power to force Trump to release his returns -- but Republican leaders in Congress like Speaker Paul Ryan are refusing to do so, or even hold a floor vote so voters can know where their lawmakers stand on this critical question of transparency.

So, Rep. Anna Eshoo is circulating a discharge petition -- a special legislative procedure that can force a vote on her bill to require Trump to release his tax returns. If a majority of lawmakers sign on, there will be a full floor vote -- without needing Paul Ryan’s support.

But more importantly, this discharge petition forces every single member of the House to go on the record and show their constituents whether they’re on our side in demanding transparency from this President, or complicit in Paul Ryan’s effort to shield Trump from accountability.

We should encourage every member of the House to join this effort -- and if they don’t, their silence will speak volumes. Please add your name today and tell your member of Congress to support Rep. Eshoo’s discharge petition to demand Donald Trump’s tax returns.


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PETITION:We deserve to know our elected representatives’ positions on whether Donald Trump should release his tax returns -- but Republican leadership is preventing a full floor vote. That’s unacceptable -- every member of Congress ought to sign onto a discharge petition for Rep. Eshoo’s bill to force the President to come clean with the American people -- any who don’t are showing clearly where they stand.

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