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The current winner-take-all electoral college system results in presidential candidates ignoring states where they’re sure to win or lose. Instead, they focus on 6-8 “battleground” states where they still have a chance to swing the entire state, ignoring the rest of the country. Sometimes the electoral college vote even conflicts with the popular vote. This isn’t democracy.

National Popular Vote would ensure that the presidential candidate who gets the majority of votes in November is indeed the one that takes office in January. The reform is simple. Working within the current constitutional framework, it does not require a constitutional amendment to overturn the Electoral College. Instead it uses the authority granted to states to choose how they authorize their Electoral College votes.

States passing this bill agree to cast their electoral votes for the candidate who receives a majority of the national popular vote. The compact takes effect once it’s adopted by states with a majority of electors. Oregonians from all political parties would be better served by elections that respect the national popular vote. When the majority rules, every vote counts, not just those in battleground states.

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