We need Ranked Choice Voting in Maine

Voters deserve fair representation and greater choice at the polls -- which is why a majority of Maine voters cast ballots in support of Question 5 last November, which would bring Ranked Choice Voting to our state.

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), also known as instant runoff voting, lets voters rank as many candidates as they want according to their preference -- instead of just picking one. It helps make sure the winning candidate enjoys majority support, discourages negative campaigning, and gives voters more choices.

Voters spoke loud and clear last November -- there's no reason to delay implementation, and costs are not likely to exceed what voters approved at the ballot last year and may even be substantially less.

Now, two bills in the state legislature will determine the fate of Ranked Choice Voting in Maine -- LD 1624, which would amend the state constitution to allow RCV's implementation, and LD 1625, which would overturn the will of voters and repeal RCV.

Please contact your state lawmakers today and urge them to listen to the voters and bring Ranked Choice Voting to Maine.


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