Tell The Oregon Senate: Pass National Popular Vote

National Popular Vote is a reform to ensure that the presidential candidate who receives the most votes is the one who wins. One person, one vote. It’s that simple.

As Electoral College votes are allocated now, the majority does not always prevail. And if you live in a “Blue State” or “Red State” then candidates have no reason to try to earn your vote. States passing this reform agree to cast their electoral votes for the candidate who receives a majority of the popular vote. The compact takes effect once it’s adopted by states with a majority of electors.

Already, it has been enacted in Vermont, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Washington State, Illinois, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, and is over 60% of the way to the 270 electoral vote threshold needed to trigger the reform. Oregon’s Legislature passed this bill through its House Chamber in 2009, 2013, 2015, and again now in 2017. Each time, the Senate blocks it.

Please contact the Oregon Senate Rules Committee and tell them to schedule HB 2927 (the national popular vote bill) for a hearing, and to pass it out of committee, without amending it. A message in your own words is more powerful than a form letter. Use this form to write your own message. It can be just a sentence or two. 


  • State Senator Arnie L. Roblan
  • State Senator Ginny Burdick
  • State Senator Brian J. Boquist
  • State Senator Lee L. Beyer

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