WATCH: Trump's voter suppression commission was flawed from the start

Thanks to YOU, President Trump’s phony voting task force is getting the bipartisan rebuke it deserves, from election officials in 48 states that are refusing to turn over all that the commission is asking for -- including voters’ private data.

Remember, it’s only because people like you spoke out that we’ve been able to stop this anti-voter attack in its tracks. So I know that if we keep speaking out, we can protect the freedom to vote for every American.

Tell the Pence-Kobach commission that their attempts to intimidate voters won’t work -- send them a message directly and tell them you won’t let anything stop you from exercising your freedom to vote.

(You should know, however, that the Commission may post your comment publicly, including names and contact information you provide in your note).


  • Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity

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