Stop the monopolistic Sinclair merger!

The top internal watchdog for the FCC just announced it’s launching an investigation into whether or not FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai pushed to change media ownership rules to benefit the Sinclair-Tribune merger deal.

Our democracy functions best when we we have a strong, diverse, and independent local journalism. But runaway media consolidation threatens that, and takes power out of communities and puts it in the hands of a few corporate executives.

Americans still get much of their news from local TV stations -- which is why it’s so dangerous that huge corporations are buying them up at record pace. Now, the largest of those corporations, Sinclair Broadcast Group, is threatening to take that into overdrive, and we must fight back.

If Sinclair is successful in its bid to purchase the Tribune Media, it would go from 173 stations to 230, with many in major markets like Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago.

That’d be a massive blow against independent local media -- Sinclair’s right-wing ownership often requires its statements to air “must-run” opinion segments that echo conservative talking points -- even over the objections of local journalists.

Ajit Pai has shown he’ll bend the rules to move this merger through -- and we need to show Congress that we won’t let him get away with it.

We need to put MASSIVE pressure on the FCC to block this monopolistic merger. Please tell your members of Congress how much you oppose the Sinclair deal.


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