Congress must protect the Russia investigation

As the Russia investigation catches up to President Donald Trump, we need to make sure he can’t fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller in retaliation -- which he’s already considered doing.

The Senate must take action IMMEDIATELY to ensure Trump can’t interfere in Mueller’s investigation.

Investigations into criminal enterprises take time -- these are the first, but probably not the last criminal charges filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s attempts to interfere in our elections, and whether Trump or his associates obstructed justice to cover it up.

We must be prepared for anything. Trump has already considered firing Mueller -- which would trigger a constitutional crisis like we haven’t seen since Watergate. The indictment of his former campaign chair is sure to trigger another backlash from Trump.

The Senate must put country over party and act now to protect Mueller’s independence, and prevent Trump from firing him. It must send a signal that any interference in the investigation crosses a red line.

Right now, senators are considering bipartisan legislation that would limit President Trump’s ability to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller or otherwise interfere with his investigation: the Special Counsel Integrity Act and the Special Counsel Independence Protection Act.

We *must* use this moment to make sure the Senate acts and passes these bills into law. Tell your senators to add their names as co-sponsors of the bipartisan legislation to protect Mueller.


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