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Dear County Council members,

Montgomery County has passed Bill 16-14, creating small-donor matching fund programs for county elections. I encourage my county officials to pass similar legislation. These programs work because they allow more diverse candidates to run, increase competitiveness, and result in a more substantive legislative debate.

Progress: 5%
Progress: 5%
Alerts Taken: 163     Goal: 3000

Return power into the hands of individuals in Maryland, sign our petition to create small-donor matching funds in county and executive campaigns across the state. Montgomery Country just made history, passing Bill 16-14 which fights big moneyed interests by empowering small donors in county elections.

Your action today will help level playing field, giving influence back to those people with modest means and lacking powerful connections. Montgomery County is only the start. Please add your name to our petition today!


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Pass Small-Donor Matching Funds in Maryland

Dear [Decision Maker],

The Montgomery County Council made a huge step forward for fair elections by passing Bill 16-14, which creates a small-donor matching fund program for county council and executive campaigns. Please pass a similar bill in our county.

Thank you.
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