Only People are People!


In 2010 the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision overturned decades of settled campaign finance law. The corrosive influence that special-interest money has had on elections and will continue to have goes further than just national elections. In 2012, over $400,000 in special-interest money was spent in Connecticut. That amount has already been dwarfed this cycle by corporations and PACs funded by other PACs more than $5 million already! That’s why we need to overturn Citizens United and keep independent expenditures and Super PAC money out of our state and local elections.

Help us demand that Congress move forward with an amendment to the U.S. Constitution declaring that "Only People are People" and that only people should have free speech rights protected by the Constitution.

Sign your name and join the tens of thousands of Americans who’ve told their congressmen, senators, and state legislators to move forward on a constitutional amendment controlling political spending!

Progress: 11%
Progress: 11%
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