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States should pass laws that make it easier -- not more difficult -- for eligible voters to be heard in our democracy. Please sign the petition today.

The 2012 election was notable for all the wrong reasons: extremely long lines, clerical errors that sent voters to the wrong precincts, and misallocated resources that meant many precincts simply didn't have enough voting machines or poll workers. It's two years later, there's a new election, and yet our democracy continues to be plagued by these problems.

Common Cause and its members call on state election officials across the country to implement the common sense recommendations put out by the bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Administration. In many states, these election officials are already working hard to improve our elections but they need know they have our support.

Check out our report, Did We Fix That? Evaluating Implementation of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration's Recommendations in Ten Swing States.


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Voting should not be an endurance sport. Please implement the common sense recommendations put forward by the bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Administration to fix election problems and remove the roadblocks many voters face when attempting to vote.

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