Restore Term Limits for House Speaker

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I stand with Common Cause Massachusetts in opposition to the recent rules change in the House of Representatives to remove term limits for the Speaker.

Term limits for chief executives and legislative leaders serve important governmental functions, especially for legislative leaders who are not elected statewide but have statewide influence. Term limits restrict the amount of power than can be amassed by a leader and ensure predictable, stable, transitions of power. Without a term limit, leaders must either be deposed, which can be very disruptive to a legislative body, or happen when a legislative leader is indicted or under an ethical cloud, or, very rarely, when a leader loses interest and decides to move on, typically after securing a post for a successor. None of these scenarios are healthy ones for the legislature, the Commonwealth, or my community.

We demand restoration of term limits for Speaker at the earliest opportunity, and want other rules implemented to maximize public involvement and transparency in the legislative process.

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