Shut down single candidate Super PACs!

Tell Congress: Close the Super PAC loophole!
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Progress: 1%
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The 2016 elections are over 18 months away, but that hasn't stopped presidential hopefuls from raising huge sums of money for their Super PACs. They're already meeting secretly with wealthy donors, hiring key staff, and trashing their competition -- everything real candidates do -- all before officially declaring that they'll run.

That's no accident. Super PACs are supposed to be independent of candidates. They are barred from coordinating with presidential campaigns. But because these presidential hopefuls aren’t officially declared candidates yet, they’re exploiting a massive loophole and raking in millions of dollars for Super PACs that will later support their campaigns.

It’s a way for potential candidates to do an end-run around contribution limits and raise unlimited amounts of money from wealthy individuals and corporations that will benefit their future campaigns. We need to close this loophole before big money gets a head start on corrupting the 2016 election.

H.R. 425 would close this super PAC loophole -- tell your representative to co-sponsor it today!


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Shut down single candidate Super PACs!

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