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felony voteBills that will expand voting rights are being considered in Springfield right now. These bills will increase voter registration and participation throughout the state, particularly among minority and younger voters. Sign the Voter Empowerment Pledge telling lawmakers to pass these important reforms.

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I commend the General Assembly for recently passed election reforms, including Election Day Registration that will expand the vote to thousands of Illinoisans. But more should be done to lower voting barriers, modernize elections, and encourage participation in our democracy. I urge you to support the following bills:

    • HB 1452 - provides more access to translated ballots so all eligible voters can make their voices heard.
    • HB 3368 and HB 3145 - increases registration and civic engagement by younger voters. 
    • SB 1265 - extends the time that Online Voter Registration (OVR) is available, providing greater access to convenient registration.

    Illinois has the second-lowest voter turnout rate in the Midwest. We need policies that lower voting barriers and increase civic engagement. I urge you to pass these bills this session. 


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