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It appears that some 2016 presidential hopefuls are defying campaign finance laws and raising huge sums of money through Super PACs, 527s and other political committees disguised as sham nonprofits, by claiming they're not candidates -- or even "testing the waters." Supposedly they’re just private citizens raising millions and millions of dollars in donations.

More likely, their real goal is to dodge contribution limits, coordination restrictions, and disclosure requirements meant to prevent corruption. Good government groups have filed complaints with the FEC (Federal Elections Commission) calling for the immediate investigation of whether 2016 hopefuls are flouting campaign finance laws.

Now it's your turn. Tell the FEC: investigate these "non-candidates" and hold them accountable!


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PETITION: Immediately investigate and hold accountable any and all White House hopefuls for violations of campaign finance law leading up to the 2016 presidential elections.

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